Show the number of visitors currently viewing your web page.
This counter displays the number of active viewers on any given web page. The count is updated within a minute of change.

Using The Counter

Simply paste the following into your web page where you want the count displayed. You are free to modify the HTML as you please to achieve a custom look and feel, including the link to PixelTwenty which is appreciated but not required.
<script src=""></script> <script> function counterCallBack(count) { document.getElementById( "activecount" ).innerHTML = count; } PixelTwentyActiveCounter( + window.location.pathname, counterCallBack); </script> <h5> Viewing this page: <span id="activecount"></span> <br> Counter compliments of <a href="" target="_blank">PixelTwenty</a> </h5>
Viewing this page:

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