PixelTwenty ESP*Alert

Add text and email alerts to anything
The ESP*Alert connects to your WiFi and sends a configurable text message, a short email or both when powered on or when a low is applied to the RST pin. It is an FCC certified ESP8266 programmed to send text and email alerts through secure PixelTwenty services. A custom alert message is sent depending on the state of one digital pin and the value of an analog input. Consumes only 90µA while waiting for a trigger – or 0µA with the addition of a 2N5060 transistor! Email messages are free while text messages are either routed through your own Twilio account or by subscription through PixelTwenty services. $16

Webcam Pics to Email

Send webcam pictures from your browser to your email.
Capture pictures using a button, by interval, or through motion detection.

Tech Tips

Jan 2018 Obtain consistent ESP8266 ADC readings
Jan 2018 Send JPG over WiFi with the ESP8266 and a VC0706 protocol camera
Feb 2018 Fast Java (2012)

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