PixelTwenty LightAlert

Receive an alert with variations in ambient light.
The LightAlert monitors ambient light and alerts via email or text when a change occurs. The sensitivity is adjustable. Set up instant email notifications on your smartphone to receive the email alert right away. Text alerts are available by subscription. $30

Includes power supply and
mounting hardware.



If email alerts are not sufficient (or if you want text alerts too), text alerts are available by monthly subscription. Subscribe using a button below then email alerts@pixeltwenty.com with the device id(s) you want the alerts for. The device id is "PT" followed by six digits and is documented with each device. Allow up to one business day for text alerts to become active. You will receive an email reply when activation is complete. You can cancel the subscription at any time using the button below or by logging into your PayPal account and unsubscribing from there.

  Monthly Text Alerts Plan 2-10
Up to 2 devices and 10 texts each per day


  Monthly Text Alerts Plan 1-50
One device and up to 50 texts per day



Returns for a refund of the original cost less shipping are accepted within 4 weeks of the purchase date. The buyer pays the mailing cost to return the product. Repairs are done free of charge within a 5 year warranty period. Should the device fail to operate as designed within 5 years of the purchase date and for any reason other than purposeful destruction, the device can be returned to PixelTwenty for free repair or replacement. The buyer pays for mailing the product to PixelTwenty and PixelTwenty pays for mailing it back. Email PixelTwenty for mailing instructions.


WiFi A 2.5GHz 802.11 b/g/n or dual band AC WiFi router in range and connected to the internet is required for alerts.
Power An AC power outlet is required. The power supply is included.
Placement Mount the LightAlert in an area which is out of the weather – shield from sun and rain.


Mount the LightAlert in an area shielded from sun and rain. This can be indoors, in your home or business, or in your garage for example. Access to an AC power outlet is also required and the device must be within range of your WiFi for alerts to be sent (50 feet or so). Use either the provided mounting screws or the removable hanging strips.

Plug in the LightAlert using the provided power supply.


There is one pushbutton switch on the LightAlert. Setup mode is performed with this pushbutton "out" or not pushed in. Make sure the switch is in the "out" position. The LED will blink slowly, indicating the device is in setup mode.

In setup mode the device creates its own WiFi network. Using a WiFi enabled device (PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet) find the WiFi network named something along the lines of "PT" followed by 6 digits, like "PT123456" for example. Connect to that network using the password documented with your device. It can take anywhere from 5 to 45 seconds to connect. The internet is not available through this setup network so it is ok if your device indicates there is no internet. Once connected, open a browser and enter in the address bar. The setup screen appears. If the setup screen does not appear or the browser displays an error, make sure your device is still connected to the LightAlert's WiFi and try again. You can follow these steps again in the future and as needed to make changes.

Enter your WiFi router network name and password to allow the LightAlert to connect and send the alerts. Enter a short message with relevant information like "HALL LIGHT". Specify up to two email address to receive email alerts. If the text alert subscription has been purchased, specify up to two phone numbers to receive text alerts.

Adjust the "Sample Every" value to match the event you are trying to catch. If what you are measuring changes quickly, a shorter value should be used. If what you are measuring changes slowly and you want to alert on that slow change, select a longer value. The samples are compared to the last ten taken, so the device must be running for at least the "Compare to" time before an alert can be sent. Putting the pushbutton in the "out" or setup position also clears the past values.

When done make changes, save them using the "Save" button.


Push the pushbutton switch in. The pushbutton switch must be pushed in for the device to be in the operational (in the non setup) state. The LightAlert is now ready.

When a change in ambient light triggers the device, the LightAlert sends an email and/or text alert and the LED light flashes for five minutes. Connecting to your WiFi router to send the alert may take up to 8 seconds or so. If the LightAlert cannot connect to your WiFi router or to the internet through your WiFi router, it will indicate its failure to send an alert by continously blinking the LED twice throughout the remainder of the five minute period.

Email alerts are free and will do the job quite nicely if you have email on your smartphone that gives you immediate notification. Alerts are sent as soon as the LightAlert successfully connects to the internet through your router, but if your email only checks every 15 minutes, for example, you will receive alerts late or when you manually refresh. Email alerts come from pixeltwenty.com.

  Slow Blinking In setup mode
  Solid On Ready
  Fast Blinking Triggered
  Two Blinks Failed trying to connect to your WiFi router or to the internet through your WiFi router
  Four Blinks Max daily text limit reached (if subscribed) or bad email/text configuration

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