Use your webcam as a security camera.
Capture webcam pictures by interval or through motion detection. The pictures are sent to your email as JPG attachments. Note that Gmail (if used) sometimes does not show picture thumbnails or displays a message that the attachment has not been scanned for viruses. The attachments are your pictures, do not contain viruses, and can still be viewed safely.

Email To


Never (turns off the camera)



Motion is detected





This works with up-to-date Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Brave, and Opera browsers on Windows, Mac, and Android.
Computer power save mode may need to be turned off to prevent camera power-down. To conserver power the monitor can be manually turned off. Note that motion detection is based on a pixel to pixel comparison so sudden changes in light can also trigger the motion detection algorithm.
If your pictures do not show up, be sure to check your spam folder and mark the pictures as not spam if found there.
Android Phone Security Camera
In addition to a PC or Mac webcam, you can also turn an Android phone into a free motion detecting security camera. A phone with no contract works - all that is required is that your phone is able to connect to a WiFi network. From your phone: (1) connect to a WiFi network (2) visit this web page using Chrome or Firefox and (3) set the email address and choose the motion detection option. The phone will need to be plugged in (charging) if used for extended periods of time.

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